You’ve Been Ghosted!

Print out this little note for your friends when you “Ghost” them




on this ghoulish night. Don’t be fearful, don’t feel fright! Just enjoy our treat, your harvest delight.

Keep it going, this Ghosting game because if you don’t,
we’ll know who’s to blame…

Here’s how to play, it’s fairly easy, a little bit scary and not-at-all sleazy.

1. This cut-out ghost goes on your door to tell your neighbors you’ve been Ghosted before…

2. Choose a few targets, select a few goodies, and disguise yourself in your invisibility hoodies.

3. Head out at night under starry skies, & Ghost three friends before sunrise.

4. Once you’ve learned to Trick before you Treat, look for ghosts appearing all down your street. It’s up to you to spread the fun,
the spooky time has now begun…